Our success

We love transforming your business vision into a successful reality via our superior IT craft.
We are full-stack: React, Angular, J2EE, .Net, Oracle, APEX, PostgreSQL, and more.


We achieved much more over the last 20 years

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Meet some of our professionals

We have a number of outstanding personalities in the team. But the two things we want to have in common are - honesty and mastery in the craft of IT projects.



Kamil Klapka
business consultant



Jan Drbohlav
business consultant



Jiří Běhounek



Jakub Zaplatílek



Kickstart your growth in Raventia

We are a medium-sized company, just about the size for very personal approach,  self-realization opportunities, and career growth. Our employees are, above all, people  with their knowledge and stories. We are a team of professionals. Join us and get your professional growth started.



Team spirit
Everyone is unique and deserves respect. We strive to create an environment for professional and personality growth.



We strive for the quality of our work to speak for us. Professional qualities are our biggest asset.



Those more experienced of us do not police or juniors but help them grow.



Career growth
Career development is based on professional growth, acceptance of personal responsibility and service to the team.