Core banking infrastructure - development and administration

Ensuring the operation of critical banking systems, virtualization, geo-clustering.

The Royal Bank of Scotland is one of the leading banks in Scotland, focusing on providing top-class banking services to retail clients and is known for its long history and a broad international network of banks and business brands.

Raventia became a supplier of Czech RBS during the merger with ABN AMRO Bank in 2007 and was initially responsible for small development and operational requirements. Based on the reliability of our company and the satisfaction of RBS, Raventie's role has shifted to a strategic IT partner.

Raventia specialists ensured trouble-free operation of critical systems that used the database infrastructure, which represented about 50 applications. At the time of server virtualization boom in the banking environment, Raventia implemented a virtual environment under the LINUX operating system. Other interesting projects included the creation of an online replication database in the backup center, the full transition of the bank from the primary location to the backup, upgrade of the Oracle server versions and more.

RBS's trust has become a great commitment to us, and we are pleased we were able to respond adequately to this trust.

“Thanks to development expertise, they've helped repair bugs from our application vendors. In 10 years of collaboration, we did not have a single outage of our production system with Raventia, that speaks for itself.”
Ing. Miroslav Šalanský, IT Manager RBS




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