Authentication methods innovation

RAVENTIA, together with A && L soft, successfully helped KB prepare and deliver a major innovative project in the field of direct banking security.

Komerční banka is the parent company of KB Group (also referred to as the "Group") and is part of the Société Générale international group. It is one of the leading banking institutions in the Czech Republic and Central and Eastern Europe. It is a universal bank with a wide range of retail, corporate and investment banking services and is available through KB's branch network, direct banking and its own distribution network.

KB keeps its products and services constantly on top. This also applies to internet banking and its security. Raventia has also been invited to a significant innovation project and modernization of authentication methods and their system assurance, due to its consistently high quality of deliveries to KB and a deep knowledge of the banking system environment.

RAVENTIA, in cooperation with KB and A && LSoft, participated in all key aspects of the preparation of the implementation project framework, starting from the overall revision of the busines assignment, through the solution architecture, its integration, security, budgeting to delivery schedule.

RAVENTIA appreciates the opportunity to cooperate with Komerční banka on such a significant project.

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