Robust infrastructure for data layer

Data infrastructure for real-time billing of mobile operator data services. Technology: Oracle GRID, Oracle DB, Oracle Data Guard, Golden Gate, Cloud Control, Icing, Elastic Search.

Ericsson is the world's leading supplier of state-of-the-art technology for both fixed and mobile telecommunications networks. Based on previous successful collaboration, Raventia, as an Oracle partner, was addressed againg. This time, with a challenging task of designing and implementing a data infrastructure with geo-cluster topology.

Raventia performed a detailed technical analysis, initial rough and subsequent detailed implementation design, and configured and tested a solution in all environments such as the production geo-cluster, test, training and laboratory environment.

This interesting project has helped Ericsson successfully implement a strategic contract for a mobile operator and is a confirmation of mutual expectations of professionalism and trust on both sides. This is always a great pleasure for us. 

“As an architect responsible for implementing an online telecom system charging system, I appreciated the knowledge and professionalism of your database consultancy in implementing the database part of the geo-redundant solution based on Oracle RAC, Data Guard and Golden Gate. In addition to these technologies, we've also implemented new monitoring and analytics tools based on your recommendations, the reliability of which is reflected in everyday practice.”
Tomáš Hájek, Solution architect, Ericsson



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