Routing module for client correspondence

Through a successful implementation and subsequent development of the Delivery Module, we have helped Česká pojišťovna (incumbent insurance services provider) to significantly reduce the customer correspondence delivery costs and to better utilize electronic channels in improving the clients‘ awareness.

Česká pojišťovna is a universal incumbent insurance company with a 190-year rich tradition of providing life and non-life insurance. After restoring the competitive environment in 1991, it remains the largest insurer on the Czech insurance market. Česká pojišťovna manages more than seven million insurance contracts and its market share in the Czech Republic is over 20%.

The core objective of the Electronic Communications Program was to replace business correspondence for electronic documents, while reducing costs and actively informing the client during the life cycle of the contract, registering and liquidating the insured event. RAVENTIA has created and since 2010 has been developing the integration application JOK / DMO, which orchestrates document delivery to clients across most systems in Česká pojišťovna and Generali. Documents can be sent through this component via various channels - mail, email, sms, data message, push notification, selfcare zone.

  • Annual Volume: Approximately 25 millions of documents
  • Daily volume: up to 120 thousands.
  • Savings of tens of millions CZK.

Raventia continues in ensuring the development of the Delivery Module across all Competencies (Analysis, Development, Tests) in the form of FTFP deliveries, including:

  • Implementation of DMO
  • Introduction of Manual correspondence
  • DMO optimization within Stabilization of el. Correspondences I. and II.
  • Client Zone IV.
  • Integration of Generali I. and II.
  • Message House
  • and more

Our know-how of efficient generation and delivery of electronic documentation and communication forms a key component of our expertise in the domain  of paperless office.


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