Investments advisory - distribution network survey

We have carried out a comprehensive survey of the distribution network within the SWOT analysis of the investment banking area, which became one of the inputs of ČSOB advisory services strategy.

The Wealth Management domain is experiencing increased interest of early-stage as well as routine investors interest. New technology concepts support the rapid take-up of new service providers in the field of investments, often from the non-banking sector (FinTech). Demographic and technological developments have led to growth in some highly perspective segments of end customers. All this, coupled with the impact of MIFID, PSD 2, PRIPS, etc., creates a new context for the entire Wealth Management / Asset Management domain.

ČSOB, as one of the leaders of the banking sector in the area of investments and the most important manager of its own funds and structured products, is continually improving and developing its services and offering value to its clients. RAVENTIA has been invited to this process as a partner with years of experience in global investment markets.

RAVENTIA carried out the design, evaluation and interpretation of a comprehensive survey within a network of several hundred qualified banking specialists. We created and presented a report for ČSOB Asset Mangament's executives. The findings of the survey are one of the inputs for the management of the ČSOB investment advisory strategy.

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