RAVENTIA s.r.o. (ltd.)

We are a conservatively growing company, established in  2004 offering services in the field of custom software development. Etymologically, the name Raventia is derived from three Latin words: radix (root), inventio (ingenuity) and via (path).

We require employees to be highly affiliated with the company, but at the same time, we want employees to perceive that we really appreciate their work.

Our key customers include leading corporations such as Česká pojišťovna, Komerční banka, Česká spořitelna, ČSOB, ČSOB Pojišťovna and others.

The above-standard fair and stable relationship with the customer and the favorable quality-price ratio  of our services are a top priority for us. Our standards and experience in this area are summarized in our Ethical Codex (Code of Conduct).

Ethical codex (Code of Conduct)

1 Client relationship
RAVENTIA s.r.o. strives for all its customers to have overly correct relationships based on open communication and emphasis on the factual aspect of the services provided. This basic position is developed into the following principles:

1.1 Considering consistently the solution of the projects through the eyes of the customer, taking into account the overall context of the solution even beyond the scope of the responsibility set out in the contract or order.
1.2 Never favor the possibility of immediate profit from a stable and above-standard relationship with the customer.
1.3 To subordinate the business aspect to the factual view of the services provided, to derive the price of the service fundamentally from its effort.
1.4 Openly communicate to the customer doubts about the benefits of the required services even at the cost of losing specific business opportunities.
1.5 To emphasize the factual aspect of the services provided, but not to underestimate the formal aspect.
1.6 Keep business secrets and confidentiality of all and any confidential and sensitive information.
1.7 Reject all opportunities for open or hidden corruption.
1.8 To the fullest extent possible, seek to resolve any disputes by agreement.

2 Internal relationships
RAVENTIA s.r.o. expects its employees to feel a superior affiliation with the company. At the same time, it strives for a highly individual approach to individual employees and for all employees to have a firm and regular sense of appreciation for their work:

2.1 Internal communication is based on mutual trust and openness.
2.2 Employees excercise mutual supportive conduct even beyond their contractual obligations.
2.3 Employees develop their knowledge and extend their expertise in external and internal trainings and self-study activities.
2.4 Employee remuneration is based on a combination of principles of justice and solidarity.
2.5 The possibility of drawing funds from the social fund of the company supports the families of employees.

3 Other

3.1 Strive for exceptionally correct relationships also with potential third parties and other suppliers of the customer based on generally valid moral standards even beyond the framework of contract-based rules.
3.2 To support the non-profit sector, in particular education and youth leisure activities, culture and social institutions, with donations amounting to about 5% of annual earnings.
3.3 Handle consumables efficiently, do not waste energy, sort waste.

 Brief History

  • The company was founded on January 7, 2004.
  • In March 2004, a framework contract for IT services delivery was signed for Česká pojišťovna.
  • In June 2005, Raventia became a partner of Oracle.
  • Since the end of 2006, Raventia has been subcontracted to a major government project.
  • Since summer 2007, Raventia has played an important role in designing and developing archive databases at Komerční banka.
  • In 2008, Raventia expanded to Slovakia.
  • On March 19, 2009, a framework agreement on the delivery of ICT services for Komerční banka was signed.
  • Effective 1.2.2013, Raventie acquired a part of BSC PRAHA, spol. s r.o., Division IDEAs, led by Mr. Ing. Mark Cizik. For Raventia, this transaction is a significant quantitative and qualitative shift. Our existing team has expanded with a further 15 colleagues - developers, analysts, testers and project managers. At the same time, Raventie has balanced the services provided by outsourcing individual consultants on the one hand and fixed fixed-price projects on the other.
  • In recent years, foreign projects have also been growing, with Raventia successfully participating (England, Turkey, Slovakia).


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