The underground of the Americas

News issue date: 13. 11. 2022
Our autumn RVTrip 8.0 brings us a few days before the commemoration of November 17, the day of the fight for freedom and democracy, to places where the beauty of nature and the darkness of the underground meet the dark deeds of which man is capable.
  • A 3-hour underground walk through the state's high-percentage limestone reserves.
  • At the Mexico Quarry level, we get an explanation of the details of the practices of this labor camp operated by the communist regime in the 1950s.
  • We also learn about the method of mining limestone from the inside out.
  • Every now and then we look into honest ears of the resting bats.
  • And we don't forget Mr. Hagen either. We give him a proper ring.

With thanks to our trully great guide, we crown today's RVTrip 8.0 by the crackling fireplace of the cosy inn Pod Dračí Skálou.

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