We support The Rehabilitation Institute Kladruby

News issue date: 1. 11. 2021
We take over and stabilize the maintenance and development of the key information system of the Institute.

It has just been a year since our team executed an efficient technical audit of the information system followed by the fast take-over of its maintenance and development thus ensuring the business continuity of the business processes of the Institute. The services we deliver to the Institute include:

  • IT operations support of the system,
  • Resolution of the production incidents, incl. SLA, staying on alert, etc.
  • Ensuring the monthly accounting towards health insurance companies,
  • Consulting to the management related to the development of the system,
  • Small developments
    • Managerial statistics,
    • Technology upgrade of system components

Take-over speed: 1 month

Technologies: MS SQL, Delphi, .NET

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