Looking for the end of Covid19 at The Spulka lookout tower.

News issue date: 31. 10. 2021
Ascent to the Špulka lookout tower and cold-water hardening of our dogs in the Dwarf Waterfall

After climbing the Špulka lookout tower and a good snack, the secret of the crossword puzzle, focused on knowledge of the region, took us to lesser-known places. We discovered a small waterfall, for which we voted the name "Dwarf Waterfall". Some of our dog participants celebrated this moment with a refreshing bath in local waters, others were satisfied with a group photo at the sluice of a nearby pond. For the way back we chose a longer but worse way. At first we successfully overcame several muddy puddles and then we returned to the parking lot - in the romantic gloom and ubiquitous fog.

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