Transition to SDAT of the regulatory reporting of banks to CNB and European bank

News issue date: 30. 10. 2020
Raventia consultants in a tight cooperation with Wolters Kluwer company ensured a successful transition for the banking institutions operating on the Czech market. The transition required a strategic upgrade of their reporting systems, adjustment of application integrations and related data flows and data processing performance optimizations.

SDAT system is the replacement of previous reports acquisition system called MtS-ISL-SÚD-SDNS.

The reporting domains included into the SDAT project: CEU, Insurance, Solvency II, PSD2, Pension societies, Banking, Credit Unions, Payments institutions, EU_Banks_DZ_OCP (COREP, LCR, FINREP), Funds, Investigations, Externaů statistics, Other financialo institutions), Capital markets MKT (JISIFE a OCP), Consumer loans, AnaCredit.

The banking institutions proudly served by Raventia include ČSOB CZ, ČSOB SK, VUB, UCB, HSBC, ING, KB, Commerzbank. Raventia stands in the role of the strategic professional Services partner of Wolters Kluwer Financial Services.   

“In 2019, Raventia entered into the role of the professional services provider for Wolters Kluwer’s Finance, Risk & Regulatory Reporting (FRR) business unit in the territory of Czech republic and Slovakia. The core of Raventia’s services comprises installations of new OneSumX FRR versions, configurations, interfacing to the banks’ data sources but also delivering more complex regulatory projects as well as technically challenging tasks. By keeping the high satisfaction of our clients Raventia notably contributes to the highest standards of the Wolters Kluwer FRR business in the CEE region. Many thanks guys. ”
Grzegorz Piosik, PS Manager for CEE at Wolters Kluwer

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