Fund Info Hub

KIID, Prospectus, Fact Sheet, Portfolio Report, Annual Report - All documentation of investment products and parameters like EMT or EET in on-line quality and on-line interface.

This online service is aimed at providing fast and reliable documentation of basic investment products (retail funds) and their main parameters for CEE countries.

The main advantage is saving the backoffice costs associated with keeping these product documents up to date, especially with the large investment universe of third-party products.

Thanks to our personal contact with individual "fund houses" and manual data checks, we have a library that is of high quality from the point of view of the purity and timeliness of the data.

The available data and documents include:

  • KIID, 
  • semiannual report,
  • annual report,
  • portfolio report,
  • prospectus,
  • EMT,
  • EET, and other if agreed.

In addition to the on-line interface, we also support the batch mode of updating the internal library of documentation for our clients.

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