Smart templates

High Performance Document Generation and Smart Template Management in One. Simply, visually, without programming.


Smart Templates is a document creation system based on simple templates administration  (without programming - the template is created or edited by a business user with common knowledge of MS Office).

Main features:


  • templates management centralization
    • unification of the corporate appearance of the documentation
    • signature management and automatically placed images
    • management of document approvals processes
  • powerful templates-based documents generation
    • hundreds of thousands of output documents per day,
    • scalable to millions,
    • batch / online,
      multiformat (text, HTML, PDF, SMS, portal portal user messages, internal tasks, etc.)

 Main benefits:

  • saving the cost of generating documentation and managing unified templates,
  • unification of corporate visual identity
  • increasing work efficiency - self-learning template system


Files for download

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