Analysis of IS development strategy

RAVENTIA has evaluated Intergram's IS development process and has proposed measures to support stable operations, quick winns, while keeping the long-term development of the system.

Intergram is an independent company of performers and producers of audio and video recordings. Under the authority of the Ministry of Culture, it ensures the exercise of the property rights of performers and producers of audio and audiovisual recordings for their artistic performances and audio and audiovisual recordings, in cases where the non-collective exercise of these rights is illegal or inappropriate.

Intergram responds to the development of information technology and the needs of its members through the constant development of its information systems. In managing development and ensuring their stable operations, RAVENTIA provided their consultancy at the IS architecture and management level and carried out a detailed analysis of the selected billing process. Within this quick consulting role, RAVENTIA has prepared a series of conclusions and recommendations, including an estimation of the workload and duration of the implementation, and presented them to the management of the company. Further development of the system and the application of these recommendations were up to consequent intergram‘s discretion.

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